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Performance Pistol Fundamentals

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Performance Pistol Fundamentals focuses on building from the basic fundamentals and applying speed in a practical application for defensive or professional carry.  Drills applied in this program will get shooters moving away from the static range mentality with application during movement.  At the end of the course, Students will demonstrate proficiency of basic skills and fundamentals applied under various conditions as part of timed shooting exercises.



  • Medical/Safety Brief

  • Performance Pistol Marksmanship

  • Weapons Handling and Familiarization

  • Target Discrimination

  • Shoot/No-Shoot Targets

  • Shooter Workspace

  • Pivots/Turns/Movements

  • Shooting on the Move

  • Target Transitions

  • Moving Targets

  • Use of Cover/Concealment

  • Gear Selection and Placement

COURSE LENGTH: 1 Day/Approximately 8 Hours

COURSE COST: $225.00

PREREQUISITES: U.S. Citizen able to legally carry a firearm, comprehensive firearms safety, basic weapons employment skills, active listener with an open mind, and basic level of physical fitness.

AUDIENCE: All Legally Armed Citizens. This is an open enrollment course, however, it will cover a majority of in-service training requirements mandated for Law Enforcement.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Serviceable Semi-Auto Handgun of 9mm or larger(Micro guns not recommended), at least 3 magazines and magazine pouch, Holster can be appendix or outside waistband, and must attach via the belt. Paddle and SERPA holsters are not allowed. 500 rounds of handgun ammunition. Eye protection and ear protection(electronic preferred). Water and snacks recommended. (Not Required, but we recommend if you're civilian that you carry in the same fashion you would daily.  If you're Law Enforcement, we recommend you train with your duty rig.)


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