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Patrol Officer CQB Solutions

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Most Patrol Officers do not receive advanced training on structure searches.  On the job training is usually not sufficient, and tactics being taught or used can be improper or just plain unsafe.  Students need to know the reason why they are using specific tactics during certain situations.  This course prepares Law Enforcement to execute building searches in small teams of two to four Officers in ways that reduce the risk to officers and the community. Through demonstration and practical application, students will practice entry, search, and extraction techniques throughout the course while executing patrol based residential and commercial structure searches during live force on force scenarios that are practical to what Law Enforcement will be exposed to in the real world. 



  • Structure Approaches

  • Equipment Suggestions

  • Consensual Searches

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Entry and Perimeter Security Teams

  • Weapon Manipulation

  • Individual/Team Movement

  • Threshold Evaluation

  • Deliberate Limited Penetration Room Entry Techniques

  • Contingency Planning for Officer Down/Emergency Situations


COURSE LENGTH: 2 Days/Approximately 16 Hours

COURSE COST: $450.00

AUDIENCE: Law Enforcement and Military Only

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Duty gear, body armor, groin protection, and appropriate clothing for "force-on-force" training. Protective headgear and training weapons will be provided by Evolution Training Solutions, LLC. 

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