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Patrol Designated Marksman


Patrol Designated Marksman Program is designed for select officers assigned as a Designated Marksman within their respective Law Enforcement Agency. This course will provide students with the training needed to bridge the gap between deployment of the patrol rifle and precision rifle in every-day law enforcement patrol operations where extended response time of a SWAT/SRT Sniper may be critical towards a situation being resolved safely.



  • Medical/Safety Brief

  • Fundamentals of Precision Marksmanship

  • Weapons Handling and Familiarization

  • Designated Marksman Rifle Setup

  • Supplemental Gear and Carry Methods

  • Zeroing the Scoped Carbine

  • Intro to Ballistics (Internal, External, Terminal)

  • Data Books and Records Keeping

  • Use of Magnified Optical Sights

  • Unusual Shooting Positions in an Urban Environment

  • Shooting from Elevated Positions

  • Multiple Shots and Multiple Targets

  • Shooting from Barricades

  • Tripod Deployment

  • Target Discrimination

  • Range Estimation

  • Max Point Blank Range

  • Engaging Small Critical Targets under time

  • Extended Distance Engagements


COURSE LENGTH: 2 Days/Approximately 16 Hours

COURSE COST: $450.00

PREREQUISITES: Students must have completed a carbine/rifle operator course prior to enrollment. This is a fast paced course and not meant for inexperienced shooters.

AUDIENCE: Law Enforcement, Military, Legally Armed Citizens. NOTE: This class will be ran in both Restricted and Open Enrollment format based on host or facility restrictions.

WEAPON REQUIREMENTS: AR15 platform patrol Rifle capable of 2 MOA or better (minimum caliber .223/5.56mm), LPVO with 1x on low end/6x minimum on high end(mil-based & illuminated reticle preferred) OR variable power magnified optic(mil-based & illuminated reticle preferred), 2 point sling, bipod (Harris BRM-S 9″-13″, Atlas, Magpul, or similar), at least 2-20 rounds magazines and 1-30 round magazine.


AMMUNITION REQUIREMENTS: 200 rounds Match Grade ammunition AND 200 rounds Ball ammunition OR 400 rounds Match Grade ammunition.


EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: Eye and Ear Protection, Data Book for rifle (Can be a full detailed sniper Data book or basic Rite in the Rain DOPE Logbook), shooting tripod with either PIG/HOG saddle or ARCA, rear support bag, laser range finder, binoculars, assault pack for carrying all equipment, magazine pouch for spare magazines(either belt pouch or chest rig), weather appropriate clothing/gloves (Cold/Rain/Mud), pen and note taking material, Food/snacks and water.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: Offset 45 degree or 12 o'clock MRDS HIGHLY recommended(we prefer 12 o'clock), spotting Scope, shooting mat, elbow pads, knee pads, boonie hat or baseball hat, sunblock, rifle cleaning and maintenance equipment, any special optic tools required for your set up.


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