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Low-Light Pistol Engagements

COURSE DESCRIPTION: It is commonly known that whenever we discharge our firearms in a self-defense situation, we need to properly identify our threat.  Our 8 hour Low-Light Engagements course will train you how to deploy your handgun in a low-light environment utilizing both handheld and weapon mounted white lighting systems.  Students will employ white light techniques taught in class, allowing them to find which systems “works” best for them.  Students will be required to work safely on a flat range around barricades and working around partners, all while demonstrating proper weapon fundamentals to engage and win deadly force encounters.



  • Medical Brief

  • Safety Brief

  • Understanding the Need Low-Light Training

  • Principles of Low-Light Tactics

  • Weapons Handling and Familiarization

  • Gear Selection

  • Handheld Flashlight Techniques

  • Positional Shooting

  • Shooter Workspace

  • Use of Cover/Concealment

  • Close Contact Shooting

  • Weapon Malfunction Drills


COURSE LENGTH: 1 Day/Approximately 8 Hours

COURSE COST: $225.00

PREREQUISITES: U.S. Citizen able to legally carry a firearm, comprehensive firearms safety, basic weapons employment skills, active listener with an open mind, and basic level of physical fitness.

AUDIENCE: Law Enforcement, Military, Legally Armed Citizens

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Handgun with at least 3 magazines (5 if single stack) and magazine pouch, Holster must attach via the belt (paddle holsters are not allowed).  No SERPA holsters.  500 rounds of handgun ammunition.  10 dummy rounds.  Handheld flashlight(Minimum of 325 Lumens). CAT or SOF T TQ on your person is mandatory. IFAK is recommended.  Eye protection and electronic ear protection.  2 Glow Sticks or PID and a method to secure them to your front and back.  Water and snacks recommended.


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