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Comprehensive Fighting Carbine

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive Fighting Carbine is designed to take shooters from intro / basic carbine to the next level to win live-fire engagements.  We will discuss fundamentals of marksmanship, apply them, and then take students to be able to work the carbine in a variety of positions, under various conditions practical to real world applications; not just based on the square range. 



  • Medical Brief

  • Safety Brief

  • Weapons Handling and Familiarization

  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship

  • Gear Selection

  • Weapon Ready Positions

  • Post Engagement Procedures

  • Rifle Zero Process

  • Zero Distance Comparisons

  • Transition to Pistol

  • Support Side Shooting

  • Mechanical Offset/Hold Overs

  • Weapon Loading, Unloading, Reloading

  • Shooting on the Move

  • Shooting Around, Over, Under Cover

  • Target Transitions/Multiple Targets

  • Working in Confined Spaces

  • Unorthodox Shooting Positions


COURSE LENGTH: 2 Days/Approximately 16 Hours

COURSE COST: $450.00

PREREQUISITES: Must be proficient with basic firearms fundamentals.  It is recommended that Students have completed a basic carbine/rifle course prior to enrollment. This is a fast paced course and not meant for inexperienced shooters.

AUDIENCE: Law Enforcement, Military, Legally Armed Citizens

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Functional Carbine with sling. At least 5 magazines and a way to carry them on your person (Chest rig, plate carrier, or vest). Handgun with at least 3 magazines and magazine pouch, Holster must attach via the belt (paddle holsters are not allowed). 800 rounds of rifle ammunition. 100 rounds of handgun ammunition.  Eye protection and electronic ear protection. Water and snacks recommended.

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