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Need a spare or replacement Surgeon Training Blade? Training blades will get beat up if you actually use them. Replace the one you have or keep a spare on hand so you have one when you need it.


CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum and blue anodized, the training blade is purposely designed to be 0.50" shorter than the live blade to allow all edges to be rounded off for safe use. Meanwhile, the handle will be an exact 1:1 replica of the live blade varient, with the only exception being that the handle scales will be blue textured G10 material, rather than black.


***Training blade only. Does not come with its own sheath.***




Training Blade

•Training Blade Material: Blue anodized 6061 aluminum blade with rounded safety edges

•Training Blade Handle Material: Blue Sculpted Viper G10 texture with 416 stainless steel fasteners

ETS Surgeon Training Blade

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • We only exchange or refund blades if they arrive to you defective or damaged. In circumstances where you consider that a product is defective, you should promptly contact us at with details of the product and the defect. Each Surgeon blade is hand inspected prior to shipment to ensure our quality inspection standards are met. It should be understood that wear from sheath insertion and use should be expected. This will not be considered a manufacturer defect.

  • By purchasing this product the buyer understands that local laws may vary from state to state and agrees to carry at their own risk. 


    The ETS Surgeon is an extremely sharp self defense edged weapon and misuse may result in injury to yourself or others.


    Carry at your own risk.

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